Fujita Scale

F0 Light: Chimneys are damaged, tree branches are broken, shallow-rooted trees are toppled.

F1 Moderate: Roof surfaces are peeled off, windows are broken, some tree trunks are snapped, unanchored mobile homes are overturned and attached garages may be destroyed.

F2 Considerable: Roof Structures are damaged, mobile homes are destroyed, debris becomes airborne (missiles are generated), large trees are snapped or uprooted.

F3 Severe: Roofs and some walls are torn from structures, some small buildings are destroyed, non-reinforced masonry buildings are destroyed, most trees in forest are uprooted.

F4 Devastating: Well-constructed houses are destroyed, some structures are lifted from foundations and blown some distance, cars are blown some distance, large debris becomes airborne.

F5 Incredible: Strong frame houses are lifted from foundations, reinforced concrete structures are damaged, automobile-sized missiles become airborne, trees are completely debarked.