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The Alabama Concrete Industries Association, with over 6000 people employed by its member companies in the production of cement, concrete and concrete products, is pleased to offer the educational information for your review. Like all Alabamians, our Association and its members are extremely concerned about the rash of destructive and deadly tornadoes that have touched many communities in our state in the past recent weeks.

The data included in this site, much of it taken from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s book Taking Shelter From the Storm, Third edition, July 2008, is intended to help you decide:

  • If you need protection of a safe room.
  • How to ensure that your safe room doubles as a functional area that is used daily.
  • What factors will determine the cost of building a safe room.
  • How to best construct the safe room appropriate for your needs.

While we address construction with concrete and concrete products, safe rooms can be built using other materials. We believe, however that the strength and durability of concrete and concrete products make them the right choice for safe room construction.



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